Rogue Warfare: Death of a Nation

2020 1h 43m 0

The Black Mask Organization coordinates a twisted plot which will devastate the world within the next 36 hours. The TEAM is immediately dispatched again for what will hopefully be the last stand against the ‘Supreme Leader.’ As the clock ticks, so does the bomb and they need to strike back at the very core of the terrorist group. The team must throw their lives on the line as it’s the only way to deactivate the dangerous weapons which are set to explode across the world at the same time. Each soldier must find his inner strength and skill to disarm this terrorist group once and for all.

Director: Mike Gunther, Pete Waterman, Robert Dierx, Steven Hacker

Genre: Action, War

Cast: Bertrand-Xavier Corbi, Chris Mulkey, Fernando Chien, Gina DeCesare, Jermaine Love, Katie Keene, Michael Blalock, Rory Markham, Stephen Lang, Will Yun Lee

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IMDB Rating: 3.1


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