The Hypocrites

2019 1h 10m 0

The hypocrites tells the story of Nicolás, a young cameraman who works filming social events, but doesn’t feel fulfilled with his profession. In the middle of a high profile wedding, he accidentally records a compromising situation between the bride, Martina, and her brother, Esteban. Realising about what is in the tape, he sees the opportunity of leaving his tedious life behind through blackmailing the people involved. However, he does not know this secret could endanger his own life.

Director: Carlos Ignacio Trioni, Santiago Sgarlatta

Genre: Action, Comedy, Thriller

Cast: Camila Murias, Eduardo Rivetto, Eva Bianco, Leandro Naranjo, Marcelo Arbach, Pablo Limarzi, Ramiro Mendez Roy, Ricardo Bertone, Santiago Zapata

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IMDB Rating: 6.0


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